2.007 Kit Part: Torsion Springs



Note: The springs available in the kit may not be the same as the following springs.  You should verify all data with bench level experiments.

Small Torsion Springs Large Torsion Springs
OD: 0.27" OD: 0.38"
 Wire Diameter: 0.020" Wire Diameter: 0.032"
Maximum Deflection: 270 Maximum Deflection: 360

Torque : 0.187 in-lb [21.1 N-mm]

Torque: 0.820 in-lb [92.7N-mm]
E: 1 " E: 1"


Possible uses:

  1. Flexible power transmission
  2. Manifold for pneumatic tubing
  3. Shaft coupling


You should use a shaft inside the inner diameter of the torsion spring unless both ends of the torsion spring are securely fastened to constrained entities. Use the suggested mandrel size of 0.172" for this.


Do not modify in any way. Any modification is not recommended and may destroy the spring.