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Bearing Replication Photos

These photos were taken on Thursday 6 July 2000, when Drew Devitt of Newway Bearings helped us replicate the air bearings in place on the Axtrusion Carriage. Click on the image for a much larger image.   The steps indicated below are only the steps that we took photos for.  They are not the complete listing of steps for replicating the bearings in place.

drewcleaningway.jpg (133083 bytes) topbearingsroughplace.jpg (153028 bytes) topbearingsvacuum.jpg (148987 bytes)
Step 1: Drew cleaning the Axtrusion way Step 2: the rough placement of the top bearings on the way Step 3: The carriage is lower in place and the top bearings positioned correctly. Then a vacuum is drawn through the top bearings to hold them in place.
cleaningbearings.jpg (109511 bytes) sidebearingsincar.jpg (143545 bytes) epoxydrying.jpg (161823 bytes)
Step 4: Drew degreasing the surfaces of the bearing that the epoxy will bond to. Step 5: Place side bearings in carriage Step 6: The carriage (w/ side bearings in place) is lowered back on to the top bearings and the way. Fine adjustments are made in position of the side bearings within the carriage. Then a vacuum is drawn through the side bearings to secure them to the way.
shimstock.jpg (139170 bytes) rogerandmotor.jpg (412315 bytes) mixingepoxy.jpg (114577 bytes)
Step 7: A piece of cardboard that is the correct thickness to set the air gap between the motor coil and magnet track is placed between the two. Step 8: Our hero (me) lowers the motor coil down onto the cardboard space to set the correct air gap and place the carriage under the its actual loading condition Step 9: Now a batch of epoxy is mixed up to hold the bearings in place
drewgluing.jpg (142557 bytes) rogergluing.jpg (149149 bytes) drewfillingtop.jpg (140959 bytes)
Step 10: Drew injects the epoxy into the side bearing pockets. Roger continues to inject epoxy into the side pockets. Drew inject epoxy into one of the top bearing pockets.
bearingdemoonway.jpg (174273 bytes) bearingssucktoway.jpg (183063 bytes) drewholdingbearings.jpg (410331 bytes)
The six (6) Newway Bearings used in the Axtrusion carriage. Four (4) 50 x 100mm and two (2) 75 x 150 mm. Look Mom!!! No Hands!!!

The bearings can be locked in place on the way by drawing a vacuum through them.  This ensures that they are accurately aligned with the way.

epoxy_vis_demo.jpg (138205 bytes) shimstockandepoxy.jpg (148176 bytes)
The semi-fluid viscosity epoxy was used so that it would not make a huge mess when injected into the bearings and motor pockets. Look at that cool epoxy on the carriage (subliminal message, buy Moglice buy Moglice... you are getting sleepy etc. etc.) Drew posing with his way cool bearings