UROP, Graduate Studies, and Post-Doc Research Positions

Please apply directly to Prof. Slocm - slocum@mit.edu


In order to be considered for a position in our lab, as a UROP, graduate student or a Post-Doc, you MUST have a website with your resume, and design portfolio.

The design portfolio should present exemplary projects where you developed an idea, from design notebook pages, showing sketches and calculations, to solid models. (Pretty pictures are not sufficient, we would like to see the model tree of features too please), to drawings for machining of parts, to the finished device and test results. It is important to demonstrate how your creative process works and what you have done. Flashy fancy websites are of no importance, it’s content that matters.

This will help you in contacting other profs as well as in job searches! I also use students' websites as a means to try and entice companies to fund students' research.