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Focus Areas: MEMS, Precision Machines + Machine Elements, Medical Devices + Systems.

Machines and Methods for Carbon Nanotube Growth
John Hart, Onnik Yaglioglu, Luuk van Laake

SIMP Silicon Insert Molded Plastics
Jaime Werkmeister and Patrick Willoughby (Sponsor: NSF)
Bistable MEMS Relay
Jin Qiu, Jian Li, (Sponsor: ABB)
Jin Qiu's Website
Overview Presentation
Jin Qiu's PhD Thesis (May 2003) and Thesis Defense Presentation (May 2003)
Paper from MEMS2003 Conference: J. Qiu, J. Lang, A. Slocum, and R. Streumpler, "A High Current Electrothermal Bistable MEMS Relay"
Paper from MEMS2001 Conference: J. Qiu, J. Lang, and A. Slocum, "A Centrally-Clamped Parallel-Beam Bistable MEMS Mechanism"
Jian Li's  Ph.D Thesis (Feb. 2004) and Thesis Defense Presentation  (Feb. 2004)
Joachim Sihler et al.
Project Website
Kinematic Couplings for Modular Robots
John Hart
, Pat Willoughby, (Sponsors: ABB, Ford)
Kinematic Couplings Website
John Hart's SM Thesis, Pat Willoughby's SM Thesis
MAGNABOTS: Low-Cost Automated Material Handling
Shorya Awtar, John Hart, (Sponsor: CIMIT)

Automation Projects Website
The Nanogate
James White
Mechanical Design of a High-Precison Microscope
John Hart, Sean Montgomery, Shorya Awtar, (Sponsors: UIUC LFD / NIH)
High-Precision Spherical Joint Design + Calibration
Alec Robertson, (Sponsor: ABB)
Spherical Joint Project Website
The Axtrusion
Roger Cortesi
Roger Cortesi's SM Thesis
ASPE Article on Axtrusion
Excel File containing Axtrusion Data

Alignment of Silicon Wafers by Elastic Averaging
Alexis Weber
Abstract, Alexis Weber's SM Thesis

Precision Medical Devices - Mitral Valve Clamp and Distractor
Pat Willoughby
Medical Projects Website

Elastically Supported and Preloaded Leadscrew Nuts
Alex Slocum, Ahmed Elmouelhi, Tyson Lawrence, Peter How, Joe Cattell