Tools Repository

This page contains a list of some useful tools for the design of kinematic couplings. The files are available in the following formats:

Excel .


General Hertzian Contact Analysis Tools

A. Slocum Generic spreadsheet demonstrating how to find contact stress between two curved bodies. Additional calculations on canoe ball design is included.



General Kinematic Coupling Design Tools

A. Slocum Kinematic coupling design spreadsheet. This spreadsheet follows a design process described in Slocum's ASPE papers (1988). Max shear stress calculation updated on 6/17/2004 to be more accurate. This version includes more detailed instructions for a novice user.



Miscellaneous Coupling Design Tools

A. Slocum, J. Moore, and W. Rappole Error gain Excel spreadsheet which assists in performing error budgets on precision machines.

A. Slocum This spreadsheet contains common calculations used to find the force from a screw.



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