This CD contains all documentation relevant to the Wonder Wyler Interface Design Project.  Included are files pertinent to the initial prototypes, recommended design, manufacturing of recommended design, and miscellaneous files relevant to the project.


The files on this CD pertain to the Wonder Wyler Interface Design Project, which was initially proposed to MIT at the MIT-ABB Robotics meeting on September 1, 2000.  The Wonder Wyler Unit is a new product to be released by ABB Robotics with the purpose of providing a quick, accurate, and movable measurement device for calibration of their line of robots.  ABB requested that MIT assist in the development of the product by developing an accurate and repeatable coupling between the Wonder Wyler Unit and the robot.  For the purposes of development, the design was assumed to be for the ABB IRB 6400 robot.  All dimensions and data for this design are based on specifications for this model robot.  This work is a joint project developed by Patrick Willoughby at MIT and Alec Robertson of ABB Robotics.  Advisor for the project is Prof. Alexander Slocum at MIT.  Assistance manufacturing the prototypes was provided by Gerry Wentworth at MIT.

This device was presented to the 2001 Conference of the American Society of Precision Engineers in Crystal City, Virginia.  The Abstract and Poster Presentation are available online.

Section Descriptions:

bulletBackground - Includes all background data as presented by ABB and initial concepts from MIT
bulletPrototypes - Includes CAD data, pictures, and documentation of first level prototypes sent to ABB in January of 2001
bulletFinal Design - Includes CAD data and documentation for suggested final design to be manufactured by ABB
bulletThree Pin Design - Includes CAD data, mathematical analysis, and documentation of alternate three pin design
bulletFirst Generation - Includes pictures and preliminary data on first generation device
bulletContact Info - Information for contacting persons involved with design

Required Software:

To view files in WinZip archives, choose to open files from locations, rather than saving to the hard drive.  The following software is required:

bulletSolid Works 2000 or CAD program with IGES conversion for most files
bulletAdobe Acrobat 4.0
bulletMicrosoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word




Documentation by Patrick Willoughby on Tuesday, July 23, 2002