Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF)

1.1 Motivation

1.2 Thesis Scope and Organization

Chapter 2: Design of Coupling Interfaces (PDF)

2.1 General Coupling Description

2.2 Coupling Interface Types

2.3 Design of Standard Kinematic Couplings

2.4 Three Pin Coupling

2.5 Factory Issues

Chapter 3: Small Scale Design Case Study: The Calibration Cube (PDF)

3.1 Background and Problem Description

3.2 Design Development

3.3 Physical Prototypes

Chapter 4: Medium Scale Design Case Study: Wrist Interface (PDF)

4.1 Background and Problem Description

4.2 Design Development and Construction

4.3 Physical Prototypes

Conclusion (PDF)

References (PDF)

Appendix A. Formal Kinematic Coupling Mathematics in MathCAD (PDF or MathCAD)
Appendix B. Mathematics for Three Pin Coupling (PDF or MathCAD)
Appendix C. Stiffness Approximations for FEA of Coupling Simulation (PDF or MathCAD)
Appendix D. FEA Plots for Wrist Stiffness Analysis (PDF)
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